Behringer speakers

Behringer's solution was to start a company with the mission of lowering the financial barrier to entry so that anybody who wanted to invest in a professional setup would be able to do so. Behringer powered PA speakers are one of many steps they've taken along the path to accomplishing that. 

While other manufacturers might outsource components and buy things from third-party suppliers, Behringer insists on doing everything in-house, from building cabinets to making speaker cones. This approach does more than just keep their speakers affordable: it also makes them very consistent, so you can always be certain of the quality you're getting whether you choose a small and portable Behringer EUROLIVE B210D Portable PA System or a big, beefy EUROLIVE B215D 500-Watt PA Speaker. 

All of the cabinets you'll find in this section are powered, or active, meaning that they have their own built-in power amplifiers. The biggest advantage of this design is versatility since you can connect any audio source that you want, even if it's an unamplified signal. Because of the freedom to use your choice of input, powered speakers are indispensable on portable systems, as well as for installing Behringer sound in nightclubs, lounges, community centers and other small to mid-sized venues. 

If you've been looking for a quality, reliable PA cabinet that will fit neatly into any budget, Behringer powered PA speakers are the best solution to meet those demands. Not only will they deliver professional-quality audio; the only question for you to answer is which one of them is the perfect size and style for your specific needs.



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