Behringer unpowered mixers

Behringer unpowered mixers are still widely sought-after nearly three decades later and it is enough to show that they have what it takes for any studio or live sound system. 

A big part of choosing your Behringer mixer comes down to channels. That's the most important difference between similar models like the XENYX X1204USB or XENYX X2222USB, for instance. Each of these is an impressive mixer with some great effects under the hood and the versatility of a USB connection to work with your favorite software tools. The whole Xenyx series uses the same 24-bit dual-engine FX processor, so choosing between any two units is as simple as deciding how many channels you want. 

Of course, size and shape is also an important decision. It would naturally have to match the space where your new unpowered mixer is going. For example, when you need something small for a hobby studio, your best bet might be the Behringer Xenyx Q502USB Mixer. 

That makes it easy enough, to sum up, for the process of choosing your own Behringer unpowered mixer. 



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