Live Sound PA Speakers

From the initial compact, easy-to-carry DJ speaker to concert-sized touring systems, live sound reinforcement technology has evolved throughout years of exhaustive research and sound development. Today, you'll find speakers that are much louder than its predecessor, easier to carry, and crystal clear than ever. Brand new design material and technological advances have revolutionized how sound is delivered at all budget levels.

Passive, or unpowered, speakers require at least one or two external amplifier, more if you want a bi-amplified system, with an external crossover and separate amp for the bass and high frequency (HF) material. Passive systems needs setup time, care, and will need carting more gear, but compensate by being just a little more flexible.

Powered, or active, speakers have an amplifier built inside the speaker as well as crossovers built into the speaker cabinet box, so you can hook directly from the outputs of your mixing board to the input of the speaker.
Many powered cabinets use lightweight neodymium drivers & built-in Class-D amplifier to keep their weight down. Some of these new cabinets can provide 1000 - 2500 watts of pure power, which can provide the cabinet's weight less than 40 pounds. They make for a fast, easy setup and easy custom configurations for different applications.
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