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Live Sound PA System Packages

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When starting a Live Sound company, you are responsible for considering elements, both strategic, financially efficient and technological, when setting up a sound system for customers who wish to reach a specific audience.  

Your choice of speakers should be based on a few requirements: 

  • Coverage size - how big is the venue, considering the size and the size of its audience?
  • How will speakers interact with boundaries such as ceiling, walls or floor.

You also want to get the best speakers your budget will allow.  Our collection of packages above are ordered by popularity.  Before purchasing, you will want to consult the manufacturer's specification sheet.

The most important specs to know are:

  • frequency response
  • SPL output
  • dispersion

If you are using passive speakers, then you’ll need to know the wattage and impedance (ohms resistance).

A full range speaker with a frequency response of 60 Hz to 18 kHz would work best for country, folk or a folk-rock mix where bass is not needed for the additional punch. 

For EDM, rock, metal or pop music - you will want a subwoofer because it extends the frequency response down to 45 Hz or lower, which will allow the speaker system headroom. 

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