Passive Speaker Series



While non-amplified speakers are traditionally referred to as “passive”, there is nothing passive about the CVP speaker line. In-your-face bass, an aggressive look with the trademark Cerwin-Vega barbeque grill, pristine highs, rugged construction and high-output levels allow the CVPs to match the performance of our biggest, baddest folded horns; a claim that very few speakers in the world can make.
To live up to this claim, the engineers at Cerwin-Vega have taken a fresh approach using cast aluminum frames for strength and reliability, oversized magnets for output power, and even a few tricks gleaned from Cerwin-Vega’s patented Stroker ® technology all ensure that the CVP speakers play loud, play strong gig after gig. And the sound? We thought you’d never ask. By themselves, the CVP speakers provide monstrous SPL and amazing low-end with the fidelity of a studio monitor. For most gigs, a pair of CVP2153s or CVP-1152s will be all you will ever need. But if you really want to make some noise, pair a CVP with a Cerwin-Vega active or passive subwoofer and the “system” will bring down the house!
Speaking of pairing, the CVP Series is designed to team up perfectly with any Cerwin-Vega subwoofer. The mighty CVP-2153 (2000-watts peak power handling) was designed as a system match to our ear shattering TS-42, which easily provides enough SPL and performance matching features to keep up with our AB-36C and EL-36C folded horns as well as with our direct fire subs in the CVA and CVP Series.
The CVP-1152 (1000-watts peak power handling) is also designed as a system solution with our folded horns and direct fire subs in a more compact package and can also be used as a wedge monitor.
A rotatable horn for concise pattern control, a Mylar high frequency driver for smooth high-end, 12 fly points for suspension, and bi amp functionality are just a few of the other powerful features of the CVP series. And don’t forget about the look, a Cerwin-Vega System looks stunning with brushed aluminum grill, rugged paint, and the trademark Cerwin-Vega red speaker surrounds. Cerwin-Vega speakers not only play loud, they look loud!



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