dBTechnologies DVA T12 Active Line Array Module

  • Long-throw system
  • Fully powered three-way unit,
    freely scalable to setups of any size
  • Sequentially configurable array segments
  • High-end digital controller (DSP) on board
  • Network-ready with an integrated RDnet port
  • Hardware compatible with DVA T4 systems
  • 1410 W Class-D power amps
  • High performance and transparency with true dynamic response
  • Wide-range 90V – 240V SMPS
  • Real-time operating status monitoring
  • Log file for status reports
  • Excellent audio specs
  • Perfect system equalization
  • Simplest system configuration
  • Very fast setup
  • Management and surveillance from the FOH location
  • Off-line configuration
  • Uniform 100°-by-10° coverage pattern
  • Evenly distributed SPL
  • Three 1″ neodymium HF drivers
  • Extended range
  • Two 6.5″ neodymium woofers with frontloaded horn
  • Superior transient response
  • 12“ neodymium woofer
  • Fullrange capability from 60Hz up
  • Aluminum-reinforced polypropylene housing
  • Light yet exceedingly durable

Active Line Array Module 12″/6.5″/1″ 1500W

DVA T12 is a step up the evolutionary ladder from the successful DVA T4 line array system. Although it provides more power and has greater range, its active three-way design makes it just as easy to set up and install as its predecessor. The DVA T12 features state-of-the-art neodymium speakers and high-performance digital amps with total of 1,500W output power. In combination with top-drawer DSP and premium-quality AD-DA transformers, it delivers high-definition sonic images with massive SPL for large sound reinforcement applications. Weighing just 29 kg, this remarkably compact unit belies its unobtrusive look by enabling you to set up very powerful line arrays that deliver extraordinary performance.

* Available in black or white.

DVA T12 – Top performance paired with total control

The DVA T12 is a fully-powered 3-way speaker system featuring the latest and most innovative technologies. It reaches far beyond the norm for this class of PAs to raise the performance bar to new heights. The power supply, DSP-equipped input board, power amps, woofers, drivers, and almost every other component were developed and meticulously tuned specifically for the DVA T12 system by the dBTechnologies team of engineers.

digipro® digital power amps – Compact yet remarkably powerful

The DVA T12 sports three Class-D digipro® power amps, one for each signal path. They deliver 710W to the 12″ woofer and 350W each to the two 6.5″ midrange woofers and three 1″ drivers. Embodying the latest advance in digital high-performance amps, the technology behind digipro®  pairs maximum power with minimum weight and size. The amps’ remarkable power translates to massive SPL and unprecedented dynamic response and transparency, supported by with muscular low-end performance even in compact systems.

Keeping it safe with switched-mode power supplies featuring PFC

The DVA T12’s power-plant is an independent network equipped with the latest IT technology to achieve maximum safety, efficiency, and performance. A secondary power supply feeds five microcontrollers and the DSP, and serves to ramp up check routines and the main power supply. A smart circuit controls the sequence in which the main power supplies of all DVA T12 units within an array ramp up. It staggers the timing ever so slightly to keep the overall system’s inrush current low.

The main 1,500W SMPS power the amps. Their PFC (power factor correction) capability enables the system to run on mains voltages from 90V and 265V without any manual adjustments. This ensures peak performance even under adverse conditions, for instance at gigs where lengthy power feeds cause voltages to drop. This is yet another area in which digipro® outperforms conventional amps. With more than 90% yield, it is so very efficient that it does not require fans, making it an even safer and totally maintenance-free amp.

Integrated LDN for utmost reliability

Reliability is a top priority in modern PA systems. This is why the DVA T12 comes with a fast and efficient local data network (LDN) comprising a main CPU and four ancillary CPUs. Each microprocessor manages its assigned component, for example, the HF amp, processing temperature, voltage, current, impedance, input, output, and other data independently and continuously.

The main CPU captures and evaluates the ancillary CPUs’ data streams in real time, detecting problems such as an internal defect in a power amp channel or speaker. Only the affected channel is muted to prevent noise. Temperature is monitored constantly. The power amp does not shut down if the temperature rises above the defined limit. Instead, the input level is attenuated in small temperature-contingent increments to allow the amp to cool down.

The main CPU tracks the operating status, recording this data in a log file that may be exported via the USB port on the rear panel. If the RDnet is up and running, the T12 even sends an error report to the PC, which speeds up and simplifies considerably the task of servicing the module.

High-performance DSP for stellar dynamics and authenticity

The DVA T12’s signal processor and AD/DA converter were engineered to achieve transcendent sound quality with great dynamic range and fidelity. To this end, it features 136-dB input dynamic range and 56-bit digital signal processing at a sampling rate of 96 kHz. The DSP offers a full set of signal processing features. The toolbox includes top-drawer crossovers with steep slopes and all the EQ functions you need for the given signal path. It aligns phases and time, and provides digital peak, RMS, and thermal limiters for maximum headroom, performance, and operating safety even at peak levels.

Effortless setup, configured at the touch of a button

The DVA T12’s DSP offers eight system presets that adapt the unit to its assigned task in the array. They tweak the gain structure and EQ for the near-field/ midfield and far-field positions to compensate for high frequencies absorbed by air, and for low/ midrange frequency coupling as the array length increases. No further manual adjustments are necessary. All presets may be selected using the rear-mounted rotary encoder or downloaded from a PC using RDnet software.

RDnet for networked remote surveillance and control

Factory-equipped with an RDnet port, the DVA T12 is ready for integration into complex, remotely controlled and monitored DVA sound reinforcement systems. RJ45 inputs and outputs connect it to the RDnet hub. The RDnet link enables the sound tech to adjust presets, levels, and all other key parameters conveniently at the FOH location. The tech’s PC receives data concerning temperature, limiter status, levels, and all further operating parameters in real time. The RDnet HUB interfaces with the PC via LAN, WLAN, or USB. All the necessary adjustments for the individual DVA T12 modules may be made off-line when planning the sound reinforcement system. The stored program can be transmitted if the system is already installed on site. Often a large PA system must be adapted to meet different needs during an event. Some areas may no longer require coverage, or a different type of performance necessitates a different setup. This system can be adapted any time within seconds via RDnet. The DVA T12’s low-end complement is the equally network-ready DVA S30 subwoofer. It sports two 18″ woofers, a bass reflex horn, and a 3kW power amp. To learn more about it, see the chapter entitled Active Subwoofer.

DVA T12 – Components of consummate quality

The global group of dBTechnologies companies develops and manufactures individual speaker components autonomously, and often specifically for the given application. We do not subscribe to the practice of equalising and optimising speakers with elaborate technology to bring them up to our standards. Instead, it has been our long-standing policy to build from the bottom up components with specs tailored to deliver the best audio performance for the application.

Take, for example, the DVA series: We teamed up with our eminent affiliate RCF® to develop speaker components unrivalled in this class. Made of highest-quality materials such as Mylar and titanium and featuring neodymium magnets, DVA series components deliver extraordinary performance, high SPL, and lowest distortion. And they’re surprisingly light to boot.

Consistent coverage pattern

The DVA T12 features constant directivity horns, HF drivers, and midrange woofers optimised to deliver a uniform 100°-by-10° coverage pattern. The DVA makes the most of two acoustical effects to help distribute SPL evenly. One is the vector addition of individual horns’ output, with the other being cylindrical wave formation. The coverage pattern may be adapted to suit the sound reinforcement application by varying the length of the array and adjusting the splay between individual components.

High-definition top end

The 1″ neodymium HF drivers feature 1.5″ Mylar diaphragms. Exceptionally light and responsive, they deliver richly detailed signals with remarkably linear frequency response. Specially developed for use in line arrays, these ultra compact drivers may be deployed in very close proximity to one another. This is essential to minimise interference in such arrays. The DVA T12 is loaded with three HF drivers tuned specifically for the custom-designed array horn. This combination maximises the coupling of the drivers’ outputs and extends the range of the HF signal.

Accurate and awesomely efficient midrange response

The DVA T12’s two 6.5″ neodymium woofers are placed close together to maximise coherent coupling and response for those critical midrange frequencies. The speaker resides in a sealed basket to optimise the displacement volume. This makes the woofer even more responsive. With a high BL factor, it reacts far faster to transients and renders each attack with awesome accuracy. Both 6.5″ woofers are equipped with an optimised phase plug and feed into a frontloaded horn to achieve a uniform coverage pattern.

Extended low-end performance

A 12″ neodymium woofer in a band-pass housing covers the low frequency range. Remarkably powerful, it packs an assertive punch that reaches down to 60 Hz to enable fullrange applications. The 12″ woofer is slanted inside the housing, lending the cabinet a lean, unobtrusive look.

Tough, light hybrid polypropylene enclosure

The DVA T12’s housing marks a milestone in the development and manufacture of polypropylene enclosures. Its surface is immune to knocks and scratches, and fully resistant to water and moisture. A sophisticated internal bracing system reinforces the housing and minimises resonance. The DVA T12 also features an aluminium endoskeleton that connects components and further reinforces the housing. The cabinet’s elaborate, heavy-duty construction makes it a rugged and road-ready unit that lives up to the highest standards for weather-proofing. A rain cover integrated into the rear panel protects circuitry and connections so this powered unit may be deployed in virtually all conditions.



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