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LED technology has advanced rapidly in recent years to the point that the ADJ range now features a full complement of LED-powered fixtures offering brightness comparable to even discharge lamps. This means that full lighting systems, for churches of almost any size, can be put together using nothing but LED fixtures. There are many advantages to switching to LED, including lower electrical costs, extremely long lamp life, and minimal heat. This means that substantial savings can be made over time, lamp replacement becomes a thing of the past, and the stage can be kept cool for the comfort of musicians, worship leaders and preachers.

ADJ LED range
Perfect for illuminating stages, as well as architectural features within a sanctuary, ADJ COB Cannon Wash series fixtures have a wide beam angle of 80-degrees allowing them to cover an extremely large area. These flexible lighting tools are also supplied – as standard – with easily replaceable 40-degree and 50-degree lenses for when a more concentrated beam of light is required. The original COB Cannon Wash fixture has a sleek black casing and utilizes a 150-Watt quad color RGBA COB (Chip On Board) LED which allows for a wide palette of evenly distributed colors, while the COB Cannon Wash Pearl is essentially the same fixture but enclosed in an off-white casing designed for situations when lighting equipment needs to be inconspicuous. Finally, the COB Cannon Wash DW features a 150-Watt dynamic white COB LED which allows blending between stark cool white and rich warm white light, making this the ideal fixture for illuminating pastors and worship leaders on stage.

Element Par Series
 ADJ LED LIGHTS FOR CHURCHFor those churches that aren’t blessed with a dedicated space for services and have to setup technical equipment each week, the new ADJ Element Par series is the perfect tool for transforming any wall into a worshipful backdrop. This collection of potent LED up-lighting fixtures all offer in-built rechargeable batteries and WiFLY EXR extended range wireless DMX receivers allowing for extremely quick setups and completely cable free operation. Offering a choice of quad or hex color LEDs and regular or weatherproof IP54-rated cases, the Element Par Series means that attractive ambient lighting can be setup anywhere it is required in no time at all.

Once only a possibility for mega-churches, versatile moving head lighting is now within the budgets of medium-sized and even small congregations. ADJ’s Vizi Hex Wash7 and Vizi QA Wash7 are compact yet extremely powerful wash fixtures that feature motorized zoom allowing almost instant beam angle changes between 5-degrees and 55-degrees. This means that the same fixtures can be used to illuminate different parts of a stage or auditorium, in any imaginable color, as well as offering the potential for dynamic moving lighting effects. This not only allows for increased creativity but also makes life easy for tech teams as the need to manually reposition and refocus lighting equipment is completely removed.

 Element Par SeriesADJ’s range also features a variety of moving head spot fixtures, such as theFocus Spot Three Z Pearl, which can be used to add texture to stages and backdrops through GOBO projections as well as to create engaging mid-air beam effects. Powered by a 100-Watt white LED light-source, the Focus Spot Three Z Pearl has an esthetically-pleasing white casing and a versatile collection of features including motorized focus, motorized zoom, two 6-facet rotating prisms, and replaceable rotating GOBOs.

For the ultimate in flexibility, ADJ’s powerful Vizi BSW 300 moving head fixture offers ‘the best of both worlds’, functioning interchangeably as a beam, spot or wash. Powered by an incredibly potent 300-Watt white LED it offers a huge raft of features including twin color wheels, motorized zoom, motorized focus, twin GOBO wheels, replaceable rotating GOBOs, twin 6-facet prisms, and a frost filter. Offering the ultimate in flexibility, the Vizi BSW 300’s hybrid functionality means that it can meet the varied and changing needs of modern forward-thinking churches.

At WFX ADJ will also be demonstrating the brand new Vizi CMY300 for the very first time in the USA. This cutting-edge moving head not only offers hybrid beam, spot and wash functionality, but also full CMY (cyan, magenta and yellow) color mixing. This means that lighting designers can select exactly the color they require to match décor, video content or simply their creative vision. Offering stage washing, GOBO projection and mid-air beam effects all from one compact fixture, the Vizi CMY300 means that fewer fixtures are required than when separate spot, wash and beam units are used. This not only makes for a saving on initial purchase, but also results in lower cabling and installation costs as well as reduced on-going running expenses.
AV Series
It’s not just the latest generation of lighting fixtures that have benefited from recent advances in LED technology, it’s also video displays. ADJ’s market-disrupting AV Series has brought the benefits of LED video screens within the budgets of many churches where projectors had previously been the only option for displaying song words and live video feeds. LED video screens offer increased brightness and better contrast while also removing the need to position a projector in front of, or behind, each display screen. The AV Seriesoffers three different pixel-pitch options, the 3.91mm AV3, 4.81mm AV4IP or 6mm AV6X, while the AV4IP model also offers an IP-rating allowing for its use outdoors.

AV Series“As a company with 30 years of experience in the lighting industry,” commented ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales, “ADJ is extremely well-placed to provide affordable and reliable equipment to churches of all sizes and denominations. Our latest range of LED-powered fixtures are ideal for use in churches as they are low power, low maintenance, and produce minimal excess heat. ADJ lighting and video equipment has already been installed in many churches across the USA and around the world and we’re sure that the demonstration of our latest fixtures at WFX this year will lead to many more.”

The ADJ COB Cannon Wash Series, Element Par Series, Vizi Hex Wash7, Vizi QA Wash7, Focus Spot Three Z Pearl, Vizi BSW 300, Vizi CMY300 and AV Series will all be on display at WFX 2017 booth #1107. The expo will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday October 11 and 12 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, TX. Not only will all of the equipment be on display, but members of the ADJ team will also be on hand to offer advice and answer specific questions.


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