Church Audio/Visual Guide - Sound and Visual System for House of Worship

Sound System for House of Worship

Sound System Design 

Each house of worship presents different sets of challenges to a sound system design plan. Let's start with what you're looking for:

  • Rich sound in every part of the sanctuary
  • Reliable equipment that is easy for inexperienced volunteers to operate
  • Tidy installation that doesn't interfere with the beauty of the sanctuary
  • Sound that extends from the sanctuary to other spaces

Achieving those results can be difficult, given a limited budget and the acoustic factors designers have to deal with:

  • High ceilings
  • Lots of reflective surfaces -- glass, stone, wood, etc
  • Odd-shaped spaces -- choir lofts, extended transepts, balconies, etc

To help your designer account for everything during the planning stage, please send us a good set of floorplans, along with quality photographs of the spaces.

Choose the right microphones

Our designers will help you choose the right microphones for every situation. You’ll need microphones for the people who speak during services, of course. Anyone who moves around while speaking will need a wireless mic. Overhead mics might be the best solution for the choir. A praise band may need several different types of mics for singers and instruments.

Sound mixing

Each microphone, instrument, or playback device will be plugged into a channel on a mixing board. That way, you can use knobs or sliders to adjust relative volume (e.g. bring the drums down a notch so they don't drown out the vocalist). We’ll make sure you get a mixer with enough inputs to handle your setup, and help you understand how to make EQ adjustments when necessary.

Today's digital mixing boards include powerful tools that help novice users prevent feedback and quickly dial in the right settings for speech, song, and musical instruments. You can even save settings for different kinds of services or musical ensembles. Or mix from your seat in the congregation, using a tablet or other wireless device.

PA speakers

It takes a lot of volume to fill a church sanctuary, so most systems will include at least a few large public address (PA) speakers. Because live music demands full-range, high-fidelity sound, size and quality matter. You may want a subwoofer or two to bring out the deep bass notes.

To make sure the sound is evenly distributed throughout the room, your designer may also recommend some smaller satellite speakers, strategically placed along the side walls.

Visual Design

You may need a visual system in the sanctuary or auditorium. Our engineers and designers will help you figure out what will work best for your space.

Audio/Visual system design, tailor-made for you:

Here's how it works in 3 easy steps

Share your info and ideas

Email us your floorplans and photos: Talk to a designer about your goals and budget. Receive a detailed system plan for free.

Approve your design

Your system plan comes with a link to a pre-filled shopping cart. Ordering is easy. Delivery is fast and free.

Install your gear

Many of our clients save money by doing their own installation. Free tech support is available 7 days a week. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 



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