Buying and Install Guide

Buying and Install Guide
Sonido Live is dedicated in maintaining a culture of trust and responsibility.  You want to be well-informed before spending your hard-earned dollars. With so many different options these days, picking the right gear can be confusing. 
This is why we designed this guide.
We will walk you through the buying decisions, helping you understand your endless options and technical jargon that you'll come across. Whether you're buying for your first time or upgrading your current gig, you will find the facts you need to shop with confidence. 

Table of Contents

How to DJ

Intro to Live Sound 

  • Setting up a powered speaker system
  • Pro Audio Cable guide
  • Building a system for solo or duo shows 

Nightlife System Guide

House of Worship System Guide

Amusement Parks System Guide

Fitness Centers / Cross Training Club System Guide

Greek Life Event Production Management Guide 



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