DAS Audio Nightclub Install - Sound Force

DAS Audio's SoundForce Nightclub and Nightlife System Install

Continuing our series of blog posts celebrating 40 years of innovation by DAS Audio

A nightclub installation – City Beats, Salzberg, Austria (April 2016) using DAS Audio Sound Force

The Gear: 

  • two Sound Force-215 systems and one Sound Force-112 system each, which were flown from the ceiling and angled to provide end-to-end coverage to the club’s main room. 
  • four Sound Force-30A powered subwoofer systems provide that crucial low-end 
  • eight Artec 510 systems, two Artec 508 systems and eight Arco 4T systems were brought in and paired with D.A.S. D and CSA-T Series amplifiers for the club’s entrances, adjacent areas and bars
  • four Artec 508A powered systems as monitors for the DJ booth.

The supplier explains why they selected DAS Audio Sound Force:

“This loudspeaker range was designed for venues like City Beats, where the club’s size, shape, décor and sound make a powerful system and a striking visual design a must.”


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