EAW Otto Adaptive Subwoofer


Otto is the world’s first Adaptive™ subwoofer. Utilizing two Offset Aperture-loaded woofers paired with independent on-board amplification, processing and networking, Otto extends Adaptive Performance™ to the lowest octaves of the audible spectrum. Otto will perfectly balance low-frequency coverage with cancellation to suit the user’s requirements; omni, cardioid, hyper-cardioid or anywhere in between from just a single module. Combined in arrays, Otto provides users with nearly endless possibilities in low-frequency pattern control.

Each Otto module includes two high-power 18” cones featuring Offset Aperture™ loading to generate four optimally- spaced acoustical sources; one in each corner. In addition to perfect source spacing for the loudspeaker’s operating range, this loading also provides exceptional efficiency and minimizes harmonic distortion, even when the system is driven to maximum levels. Ingenious transducer, port and enclosure design allow Otto to achieve extremely high output levels, while providing impact and low-frequency extension typical of much larger enclosures.

The module’s rotational symmetry provides enormous flexibility in designing systems for optimal coverage; arrays can be constructed with all modules in the same orientation, or with woofer orientation staggered to provide maximum 3D coverage capabilities. Resolution software determines the best configuration for a given application.

Each module includes a field-replaceable Power Plant, providing all power, processing and network capabilities. Via Resolution™ 2 software, Adaptive performance controls all performance parameters of the total array to deliver an output pattern that provides optimal coverage of audience areas and maximum rejection elsewhere.



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