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Nightlife sound system installation guide

Sonido Live is dedicated in the design of loud and reliable systems for nightlife businesses.

Nightlife Sound System

Keep your patrons entertained with music that will keep them coming back night after night.

System design 

Before purchasing a sound, lighting and stage system, we'll need to know your the venue size.  It is important to purchase something that can attain proper coverage in the room, the speakers would have to hang close to the ceiling, pointing downward, and handle about twice the power than the old speakers could.

D.A.S Event Series

The D.A.S. Event Series is known for its 70 degree audience coverage perfect for any type of club.

System design goal 2: must be bullet-proof

It is important to perfectly match your system with audio management features. Using the Behringer Ultragraph-Pro FBQ6200HD High-Definition 31-Band Stereo Graphic Equalizer with Feedback Detection System makes a perfect system be easily be setup and recalibrated as needed. Guest DJs can simply plug in their rig and the system is set up so they can’t damage anything. And because restaurants and clubs usually have very inconsistent and noisy AC power, it is important that the system included a power line conditioner and surge protector.

Or, going with Behringer, Turbosound and Midas because it is apart of the Music-Group family, and their gear works well with each other. 

Need more assistance?

If you need help designing a sound system for your business, school, or church, call 1-213-688-8860 and talk to a Pro Audio Specialist at Sonido Live.

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