Vue Audiotechnik es-269 Dual 6×9-inch ACM Subwoofer System

The es-269 compact ACM subwoofer system redefines small subwoofer capabilities by producing high output exceptionally high-quality sound from a very compact dual driver system. With reference quality flat low-end response from 200 to 45 Hz, the es-269 is capable of output levels of systems typically twice the size.

The es-269 apples VUE’s patent-pending ACM -Active Compliance Management- technology from the hm-class subwoofers, to a new compact even “mini” subwoofer breaking the normal size ratio to SPL output standards. ACM technology combines both band-pass and vented alignments into a single enclosure. The s-269 places two high performance, 6×9-inch transducers into this configuration, with both woofers sharing a common vented chamber. One woofer’s frontal radiation is direct, while the second woofer’s frontal radiation drives the band-pass chamber.



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