Ace Backstage PE-SWITCHBOX Back Box For PE
$4.90 USD

Ace Backstage PE-SWITCHBOX Back Box For PE

$4.90 USD

Isolated ACE Back Boxes (ISOXXXBBX) include a galvaneal steel separation bracket mounted inside the back box to provide isolation between high and low voltage for ACE Stage Pockets. Installing ISO Back Boxes during the rough-in stage of construction saves the installer time and hassle in the finish-stage. High voltage conduit can enter the back box through combination knockouts on one side of the back box and low voltage through the opposite side. The connector and AC panels can be terminated and left inside the ISO back box until carpet is laid or floors are finished. In the final, finish stage the installer can pull the terminated connector panels through the back access opening in the ACE Pocket and secure the pocket bezel to the finished floor.

The Isolation Bracket sits tightly beneath the pocket, inside the back box, to maintain secure separation of high and low voltage, ensuring manual isolation.

ACE ISO Back Boxes are designed exclusively for use with ACE Full and Double Wide Stage Pockets. Set the back box securely braced into the floor to provide support equal to the floor loading requirements, accounting for any height offset required for the finished floor. Standard electrical conduit may be connected to the back box on any side via combination knockouts, and audio conduit connected on the opposing side. The protective cover is discarded when the finished pocket is installed. Mating screw holes are provided to secure the pocket flange to the back box flange.

  • CLEARANCE VOLUME: Standard Stage Pocket body assemblies are 4.5" deep while the Back Box is 6" deep providing 1.5" work clearance in the bottom of the Back Boxes, making them ideal for feed thru or distribution junctions.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: ACE Standard Back Boxes (#BBX) are made from tough, welded 14 gauge steel (.071" thick). Ace Standard AC Isolation Brackets (#ISOBRKTx) are made from 16 gauge galvaneal (.064" thick).
  • ELECTRICAL KNOCKOUTS: ACE Standard Back Boxes come with standard Electrical Conduit Combination Knockouts. 1/2", 3/4", 1", and 1-1/4" Knock Outs multiple places typical on opposing sides. 1/2" and 3/4" Knock Outs multiple places typical on opposing sides.
  • PROTECTIVE COVER: Included with all ACE Back Boxes is a disposable, protective cover. Finished in the same corrosion resistant zinc as the back box itself, the cover protects the box until the stage pocket is installed in the finish-stage of construction.
  • DURABLE FINISH: Clear zinc corrosion-resistant finish

Not suitable for Mini or Half Back Box applications.

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