MIPRO AD-90A Wideband High Power Amplifier
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MIPRO AD-90A Wideband High Power Amplifier

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The AD-90A is a UHF transmitting antenna amplifier for use with the AT-90 and MI-808T transmitters.  

  • AD-90A is a professional UHF 470~960MHz wideband power
    amplifier with maximum output power of +30dBm (1W)
  • AD-90A is compatible with MIPRO's MI-808T Stereo Transmitter,
    MT-90 Wireless Linking Transmitter and AD-90S UHF Wideband
    Power Splitter as an end-amplifier to boost signal before
    transmitting for applications that greatly needing extended RF
    transmission distance, maintains a clear and reliable signals and
    reduces chance for signal dropouts of extremely difficult RF
  • Ideally suited for large outdoor installation sites requiring
    wireless transmission to remote powered, active speakers.
  • To complete a high efficient, long distance transmission
    combination AD-90A can be connected to AT-90T UHF
    Wideband Unidirectional Antenna.

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