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American DJ AV6X 4X2 8-Panel LED Video Wall Package

American DJ AV6X 4X2 8-Panel LED Video Wall Package


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This ADJ AV6X 4X2 Package deal includes everything you need to get your video wall up and running! This 6-panel system measures out to 91" (7.583 feet) wide by 45.5" (3.792 feet) high. The AV6X is an improved version of the original AV6.


Check Out the AV6 Video Panels in Action

This Package Includes:
- Eight (8) AV6X 6.0 mm LED Video Wall Panels
The AV6X is an affordable 6mm LED Video panel designed for nightclubs, bars, bands, mobile entertainers, event productions and houses of worship. cETL Approved.

• Pixel Pitch: 6.0mm (0.25")
• LED Configuration: 3-in-1 SMD2121 LED
• Pixel Density: 96x96; 27,777 per square meter 
• Size: 22.75" x 22.75" x 3" / 576 x 576 x 75mm 
• Module Quantity: 4
• Weight: 23lbs. / 8.15Kg

- Four (4) AV6 Rigging Bars
Single panel rigging bar for the ADJ AV6 and AV6X video panels. It features an adjustable eye bolt to avoid truss cross bars.

- One (1) AV6 Flight Case
• Fits 8 AV6 video panels 
• 9mm Plywood
• Butterfly Latches
• Swivel Castors
• Steel Ball Corners
• Foam Inlay
• Outer dimensions (LxWxH): 39.8" x 26" x 32.3" (1.01 x 0.66 x 0.82m) 

- One (1) MCT RL300
The MCTRL-300 is a controller for ADJ's AV6X LED video panels. It features one DVI signal source input and two RJ45 pixel-data outputs. The controller is easily configured via USB and it will drive up to 1.3 million pixels supporting the following resolutions: 1280 x 1024, 1024 x 1200, 1600 x 848, 1920 x 712, 2048 x 668. 

• Control Mode: Synchronous Display with Control PC by DVI
• Frame Update Frequency: 50-60Hz
• Scan Mode: 1/12 Duty 
• Refresh Rate: 1200Hz
• Support Input: Composite, S-Video, Component, VGA, DVI, HDMI, HD_SDI
• Control Distance: Ethernet Cable <100m or Fiber Optic>120m
• Support VGA Mode: 1280 x 1024, 1024 x 1200, 1600 x 848, 1920 x 712, 2048 x 668
• Brightness Correction: Pixel, Module, Cabinet
* Requires a computer (sold separately)

- One (1) Media Master Express Software
Arkaos Media Master Express 4 video software for AV6X Video Panels

• Control video layers with just a few DMX channels or MIDI notes
• Work on a single DMX universe or MIDI channel
• Drag & Drop visuals directly on the main interface
• Organize your shows with up to 64 patches of 64 cells
• Control up to 3 parameters per cell via DMX or MIDI
• Optional fade time on trigger
* Requires a computer (sold separately)

- Seven (7) CAT303 Cables for Panel-to-Panel Data Connections
- Six (6) PLC3 Cables for Panel-to-Panel Power Connections
- One (1) CAT461 Cable to connect MCTRL300 to first panel
- Two (2) MPC015 Cable to connect main power to first panel

Check out a timelapse assembly of the AV6 Video Panel.
(Note: AV6X LED Video Wall System is a similar setup)
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