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AKG D12 VR Active Dynamic Microphone - Sonido Live

AKG D12 VR Active Dynamic Microphone


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Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone with Three Active Filters

Why should you use the AKG D12 VR active dynamic microphone to mic up your kick drum? It's specifically made to handle the wide dynamic range, and has three active filters that help you sculpt a production-ready kick drum sound. The D12 VR will work without phantom power, delivering the true sound of your bass drum. Engage phantom power, and you get three active filter settings that dramatically help you sculpt the perfect sound. Whether you're recording or running live sound, you can't go wrong with the AKG D12 VR in front of the kick drum.

 AKG D12 VR Active Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone at a Glance:

  • Huge sound from AKG's C414 transformer
  • Three active filter modes
  • Tailor-made for kick drums - and hand grenades

Huge sound from AKG's C414 transformer

The big, punchy bass drum sounds you'll record with the AKG D12 VR come courtesy of AKG's original C414 transformer. When you hit this transformer with high signal levels (like the ones your kick drum puts out), the C414 transformer adds a character that's undeniably sweet.

Three active filter modes

You can coax four distinct kick drum sounds out of the D12 VR, making it perfect for any recording studio or live sound application. Without phantom power, the tone is the pure, uncolored signal of your kick drum. But apply phantom power to the D12 VR, and you get access to three active filters. The first filter adds a low-end boost that beefs up your sound. The second filter provides a midrange cut, making room for other instruments in a busy mix. And the third filter actually combines the first two along with a high-end boost that enhances presence and snap.

Tailor-made for kick drums - and hand grenades

The ultra-thin diaphragm on the D12 VR clearly captures the complex low frequencies of your bass drum without sounding muddy or boomy - and it can handle an ear-shattering 164dB SPL. So whether your drummer is a Yeti with a 28" bass drum, or you're recording sound effects involving small-arms fire, the D12 VR can handle the high signal levels and it sounds great doing it.

AKG D12 VR Active Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone Features:

  • Active dynamic microphone, fine-tuned for kick drum applications
  • Operates passively without phantom power
  • Applying phantom power allows you to access three different filter curves
  • Filter 1 adds low-frequency boost for depth and power
  • Filter 2 is a midrange cut that opens up sonic room for other instruments
  • Filter 3 combines the first two filters, and adds a presence boost for clarity
  • C414 transformer adds sonic richness to high-level signals
  • Ultra-thin diaphragm and bass-optimized capsule chamber capture huge bass tones
  • Cardioid polar pattern, with up to 25dB signal rejection of off-axis sounds
  • Excellent for use in both studio and live applications

Get more tone from your kick drum with the AKG D12 VR!

Tech Specs

  • Microphone Type:Dynamic
  • Polar Pattern:Cardioid
  • Frequency Response:17Hz-17kHz
  • Output Impedance:200 ohms
  • Color:Black
  • Connector:XLR
  • Weight:1.1 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:3220Z00010

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