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Alesis M1Active 330 USB Audio Interface (pair)

Alesis M1Active 330 USB Audio Interface (pair)


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Give Your Computer a Sonic Upgrade

Employing technology adopted from Alesis' award-winning Monitor One and M1 Active models, Alesis M1Active 330 USB studio monitors are equipped with lightweight 3-inch aluminum woofers that yield a quick transient attack and linear frequency response. Precision-designed waveguides ensure well-controlled high-frequency dispersion. Smoothly radiused cabinet edges and flared rear-firing bass ports eliminate unwanted sonic artifacts. The result is clear sound reproduction with a wide sweet spot and impressive stereo imaging. M1Active 330 USBs also include an integrated audio interface that accommodates most line-level sources. A single USB cable is all it takes to route audio to and from your computer. Alesis M1Active 330 USBs are sure to give your computer a sonic upgrade.

Top-notch engineering for top-notch sound

When we ran the M1Active 330 USBs through their paces here at Sonido Live, it was clear that a great deal of clever engineering went into their design. They sound excellent — especially at this price point. Their 3-inch aluminum woofers are lighter and stiffer than carbon-fiber, paper, or glass-Aramid woofers, ensuring an ultra-fast transient attack and linear response through the low and midrange frequencies. Their high-frequency dispersion is well-controlled and predictable, thanks to precision-designed elliptical waveguides. Their smooth aerodynamic cabinet edges minimize audible edge diffraction, while flared rear-firing bass ports prevent low-frequency turbulence. Beyond that, custom-designed anti-resonant wood cabinets yield natural-sounding bass.

Convenient integrated USB audio interface

A built-in USB audio interface makes the M1Active 330 USBs a convenient plug-and-play solution for getting audio in and out of your computer. It's easy to connect line-level turntables, keyboards, guitar effects, DJ mixers, or media players directly to these speakers. And connecting to your computer is as easy as plugging in a single USB cable — no drivers or extra software is required.

Alesis: a proud history of studio monitor design

If you were making music during the Clinton administration, you probably had tons of Alesis gear in your home studio — looking at old photographs of any Sonido Live employee's 1990s-era home studio proves it. An ADAT machine was a certainty. You also probably had a QuadraVerb, and maybe an SR-16 drum machine. A lot of us also used Alesis Monitor One studio monitors — they were reasonably priced and offered performance beyond what most home recordists could afford. In 1999, Alesis brought us the M1 Active series. Now at generation 3, the M1 Active series continues Alesis' proud tradition of professional sound at an affordable price.

Alesis M1Active 330 USB Features:

  • Lightweight 3" aluminum woofers yield a quick transient attack and linear frequency response
  • 1" silk-dome tweeters provide smooth, clear highs
  • Precision-designed elliptical waveguides ensure well-controlled high-frequency dispersion
  • Smoothly radiused cabinet edges minimize audible edge diffraction
  • Flared rear-firing bass ports prevent low-frequency turbulence
  • Custom-designed anti-resonant wood cabinets yield natural-sounding bass
  • Integrated USB audio interface accommodates most line-level sources
  • Connecting to your computer is as easy as plugging in a single USB cable

Tech Specs

  • Powered:Yes
  • Power Configuration:Single Amp
  • LF Driver Size:3" woofer
  • LF Driver Type:Aluminum
  • HF Driver Size:1" tweeter
  • HF Driver Type:Silk dome
  • Total Power:20W
  • Input Types:2 x 1/4" (R, L), 2 x RCA, 1 x 1/8" (stereo)
  • Output Types:1 x 1/8" (output to left speaker)
  • USB:1 x Type B
  • Enclosure Type:Rear Ported
  • Enclosure Material:High-density Wood
  • Manufacturer Part Number:M1A330USB

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