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Allen & Heath GLD-112 Chrome Edition Digital Mixer - Sonido Live

Allen & Heath GLD-112 Chrome Edition Digital Mixer


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Compact Digital Mixer Big on Features and Flexibility

Allen & Heath's GLD-112 Chrome Edition digital mixer is the heart of the company's GLD series live mixing system. By adding optional rack I/O units, you can expand the system to accommodate up to 44 mics. The I/O units may be positioned onstage, connecting to the console with up to 400' runs of inexpensive Cat 5 cable. On the board, you get 28 faders in four layers, for a total of 112 channel strips, while eight stereo RackFX engines handle effects processing chores. The analog-style channel processing control section is complemented by a graphical 8.4" touchscreen, giving you intuitive control over your mix. Affordability, flexibility, and great sound - have it all with the Allen & Heath GLD-112 Chrome Edition.


Allen & Heath GLD-112 Chrome Edition Digital Mixer at a Glance:
  • Automatic Mic Mixer is perfect for conferences and broadcast
  • More than a rack's worth of effects and processors
  • Intuitive layout
  • Flexible I/O options
  • Innovative features galore
Automatic Mic Mixer is perfect for conferences and broadcast

The GLD-112 Chrome Edition's Automatic Mic Mixer mode automatically balances up to 44 microphone inputs, perfect for conferences, panel talks, and TV shows. It's ideal for novices and volunteers who may not be comfortable mixing a large number of mics, and it's also great for pros who have more important things to do than ride dozens of faders.

More than a rack's worth of effects and processors

The GLD-112 has you covered with ample processing power and a slew of outstanding compressors, delays, reverbs, phasers, pitch shifters, sub harmonic synthesizers, transient processors, and more. In all, you get eight stereo effects engines, which you have access to at all times. You can save presets to a USB key and load them up on a different GLD-112 whenever you need to. And effects can be returned via input channels or via dedicated returns with 4-band parametric EQ.

Intuitive layout

The Allen & Heath GLD-112 Chrome Edition has an analog-style channel processing section complemented by a beautiful 8.4" touchscreen display. The customizable drag-and-drop arrangement allows effortless assignment of inputs and mixes to the fader strips. You get 28 fader strips in four layers - each with motorized fader, channel LCD display (which may be labeled and color-coded), and rotary control for immediate access to gain, pan, and aux sends. The GLD-112 Chrome Edition's onboard I/O includes four XLR mic/line inputs, four XLR line-outs, four RCA inputs, two RCA outputs, as well as S/PDIF and AES3 digital outs.

Flexible I/O options

Allen & Heath's GLD-112 Chrome Edition connects to a range of plug-and-play I/O racks to give you a 28-, 36-, or 44-mic-input system. The main GLD-AR2412 AudioRack (24 XLR inputs and 12 XLR outs) and up to two AR84 expander racks (each having eight XLR inputs and four XLR outs) may be rigged up with up to 400' runs of Cat 5 cable using Allen & Heath's dSNAKE protocol. dSNAKE gives you control over the remote preamp, with all mic preamps being scene-recallable. (The GLD-AR2412 unit also includes a connection for personal monitoring systems.)

Innovative features galore

The Allen & Heath GLD-112 Chrome Edition boasts a boatload of innovative, cutting-edge features that make your life on the road a whole lot easier. Record and play back a stereo signal directly to/from a USB memory stick. You can also easily install standard iLive option cards for Dante, MADI, EtherSound, and Allen & Heath's own ACE protocols, giving you multichannel record and playback, FOH/monitor splits, and connection to iLive systems that can easily be configured using GLD's extensive soft-patching.

Allen & Heath GLD-112 Chrome Edition Digital Mixer Features:
  • Digital mixer with 4 XLR mic inputs
  • For more than 4 mic inputs, GLD-AR2412 AudioRack outboard unit is required
  • Compact digital mixer with scalable, remote I/O
  • Systems from 4 to 44 mics
  • Easy to use, quick to access, analog-style interface
  • dSNAKE Cat 5 digital snake - up to 120m cable length
  • 8.4" color touchscreen for graphical view and setup
  • 28 faders in 4 layers = 112 channel strips
  • Freely customizable layout
  • 48 input channels into 30 assignable buses into 20 mix outputs
  • 8 stereo RackFX engines
  • Full processing on all inputs and outputs
  • LR, None (monitors), LR+M (sum), LR+M (bus), LCR main mix
  • 16 DCAs/mute groups
  • Built-in Talkback, RTA, and Signal Generator
  • I/O module options for FOH/Monitor split, multitrack recording, link to iLive, and more
  • MIDI In/Out and Ethernet network port
  • High-end 1dB step recallable mic/line preamps
  • User-definable channel names and colors
  • Engineer's mono Wedge and stereo IEM strips
  • Input, output, and insert soft patch bays
  • Quick copy, paste, and reset of mixes and parameters
  • Libraries, Scenes, and Show memories with USB transfer
Live mixing with Allen & Heath's GLD-112 Chrome Edition: all gain and no pain!

Tech Specs

  • Type:Digital
  • Channels:48 possible input channels
  • Inputs - Mic Preamps:4 x XLR, expandable to 44
  • Inputs - Line:2 x stereo RCA, expandable via dSnake Ethernet
  • Inputs - Other:2 x USB Type A stereo Playback/Record
  • Inputs - Digital:1 x dSNAKE (1-32 channels In/1-16 channels out), 1 x Expander (33-40 channels in, 17-20 channels out)
  • Outputs - Digital:1 x stereo S/PIDF, 1 x stereo AES/EBU XLR, 1 x dSnake, 1 x Expander
  • Outputs - Main:4 x XLR out, 1 x stereo RCA out
  • Outputs - Other:MIDI In/Out, 1 x Network Ethernet
  • Data I/O:Ethernet Cat5
  • I/O Expansion Slots:Additional channels through dSNAKE, I/O Port for Card options (MADI, Dante, ACE, Waves, ES, MMO)
  • Headphones:1 x 1/4" Headphones, 1 x 1/8" Headphones
  • Faders:28 x 100mm
  • Effects:Yes, 8 stereo RackFX engines
  • Talkback:Yes
  • Height:5.8"
  • Depth:22.7"
  • Width:39.3"
  • Weight:46.3 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:AH-GLD2-112

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