BBE EQA231 Dual Channel 31‑Band Constant‑Q Equalizer
$199.99 USD

BBE EQA231 Dual Channel 31‑Band Constant‑Q Equalizer

The all-analog BBE EQA-231 is a professional dual 31-band graphic equalizer. ideal for use in live sound rigs and installed setups such as studio, stage, DJ and sound contracting. The EQA-231 utilizes Constant-Q filters (constant bandwidth) this means that the bandwidth of each individual filter has a perfect balance between being narrow enough to prevent unwanted interaction between filters, yet wide enough to deliver exactly the type of correction curve for the ultimate in precision equalizing.

El BBE EQA-231 todo analógico es un ecualizador gráfico profesional de 31 bandas. Ideal para su uso en equipos de sonido en vivo y configuraciones instaladas como estudio, escenario, DJ y contratación de sonido. El EQA-231 utiliza filtros Constant-Q (ancho de banda constante), esto significa que el ancho de banda de cada filtro individual tiene un equilibrio perfecto entre ser lo suficientemente estrecho para evitar la interacción no deseada entre filtros, pero lo suficientemente amplio para proporcionar exactamente el tipo de curva de corrección para el Lo último en igualación de precisión.

BBE EQA-231 awarded #2 in "Top 10 Audio Equalizers" on the market:

For other audio problems such as rumble and hiss, the unit provides continuously variable high and low cut filters with 12dB/octave slopes. The low-cut filter ranges from 10Hz to 250Hz and the high-cut filter 3kHz to 40Hz. Dual boost/cut ranges of +/-6dB or +/-12dB are provided for added flexibility along with a bypass switch, signal clip indicator, output gain control and selectable line voltage.

  • Dual channel, thirty-one band constant Q graphic equalizer
  • Ideal for studio, stage, DJ and sound contracting
  • Continuously variable high and low cut filters
  • Selectable control range for 6dB or 12dB boost/cut
  • Clip indicator and true hard-wire bypass
  • Line voltage switchable between 115 and 230VAC operations

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