Bugera Amps Veyron M BV1001M 2000W Bass Head
$399.99 USD

Bugera Amps Veyron M BV1001M 2000W Bass Head

$399.99 USD

Tons of tone-shaping tools

Huge power and light weight are great features, but there's so much more to the Bugera Veyron M BV1001M bass head. The passive Gyrator EQ circuitry gives you authentic tube-style tone, and a selectable mid-frequency switch conjures five classic sound variations so you shape the sound for your particular playing style. At Sonido Live, we know compression, and we know you'll appreciate the compression options included in the Bugera Veyron M BV1001M bass head. The studio-grade compressor provides transparent, musical compression and gently engages and smooths out peaks for the ultimate tone. But it doesn't stop there, as Bugera built in special Dynamizer technology that further enhances your tone. What is this Dynamizer and what does it do? Think of it as parallel compression, like that used in the studio for years. You signal is split into two discrete signals: a dry version and a heavily compressed version. The Dynamizer recombines these separate signals, giving you the ability to get the most out of your tone! Get big power and tons of tone and feature with the Bugera Veyron M BV1001M bass head!

Bugera Veyron M BV1001M Bass Head Features:
  • 2000 watts of bass power to fill any room
  • Efficient Class D power amp keeps the weight down
  • Optical compressor and exclusive Dynamizer technology for ultimate bass tone
  • Gig-ready carrying handle
  • Balanced DI out for connecting to a soundboard

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