Chamsys QuickQ 30 4-Universe Compact Lighting Console
$3,500.00 USD

Chamsys QuickQ 30 4-Universe Compact Lighting Console

Compact, Easy-to-use 4-universe Lighting Console

The ChamSys QuickQ 30 is a compact, 4-universe lighting console with an icon-based interface that supports gesture support just like a smartphone. It's so intuitive, you don't have to be a lighting professional to use it. Students, volunteers, and lighting pros alike will appreciate the power and simplicity of the QuickQ 30. Onboard Wi-Fi allows remote control from your phone or tablet — which can also function as a second external monitor. The QuickQ 30 is ideal for medium-to-large shows in all types of venues.

Operational flexibility

Unlike many lighting control consoles, the QuickQ 30 doesn't have a hard limit on the number of fixtures you can use. It supports 2048 DMX channels, so you could deploy 2048 dimmer channels, 682 three-channel RGB LED fixtures, 128 sixteen-channel moving lights — or any combination of fixtures totaling 2048 control channels in total.

Easy plug-and-play operation

For easy plug-and-play operation, ChamSys QuickQ consoles support the RDM protocol, which allows the console to discover and patch RDM-compliant fixtures such as the Chauvet Professional range without the need to manually address and set the mode for each fixture.

Simple, cost-effective lighting control solution

Whether you're a venue manager or simply a musician who needs great lighting for your live shows, you don't want to fuss with complicated and confusing lighting control setups. The Chamsys QuickQ 30 is a simple, cost-effective solution that will wow your audiences. As always, feel free to call one of our Sonido Live lighting experts to help you choose the lighting solution that's best for you.

Chamsys QuickQ 30 4-Universe Compact Lighting Console Features:

  • Simple user interface with easy navigation
  • Supports 4 universes (2048 DMX channels)
  • Large touchscreen with easy to understand and intuitive graphical interface
  • User prompts throughout setup, programming, and operation
  • Intuitive interface allowing simple control of all fixture attributes
  • GUI modeled on smartphone icon interface and gesture support
  • Pinch support for zooming and scrolling
  • Remote app identical to console display for easy swapping
  • Supports output of DMX over a network via ArtNet/sACN/Pathport
  • MagicQ playback compatibility
  • Compatibility with RDM-compliant fixtures
  • Dedicated Grand Master fader
  • Dedicated Cue Stack Control section
  • 1 Cue Stack and 2 Chase faders
  • 40 fixture faders
  • Fader for Intensity Control
  • Flash button
  • Fixture, Group, and Cue modes
  • RGB LED shows current mode/state
  • Color Control
  • Dedicated Color Control Area with Hue and Saturation encoders and 2 buttons for color control
  • Selection of onboard palettes and gel libraries via touchscreen
  • 2 USB ports for loading and saving shows, and for optional keyboard and mouse audio input and output
  • Built-in Wi-Fi port for easy connection of tablets and smartphones
  • Offline editor with MagicVis visualizer available for Mac/Windows

Tech Specs

  • Type:Lighting Console
  • DMX Modes:2048 Channels, 4 x DMX universes
  • Compatibility:DMX-512, Art-Net, sACN
  • Connectivity:1 x Ethernet, 3 x 5-pin XLR (DMX out), MIDI in/out, 2 x USB, 1/8" audio in/out
  • Software:MagicVis visualiser
  • Power Source:12V DC, 1A power supply (included)
  • Height:4.17"
  • Width:29.92"
  • Depth:13.78"
  • Weight:13.45 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:CHAMQUICKQ30

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