Chauvet Pro Rogue R1 Wash RGBW LED Moving Head
$899.99 USD
Chauvet Pro Rogue R1 Wash RGBW LED Moving Head

Chauvet Pro Rogue R1 Wash RGBW LED Moving Head

$899.99 USD

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Incredibly Capable, Affordable Moving Head Wash

It doesn't take thousands of dollars to get a high-quality, sophisticated, reliable moving-head wash fixture. The Chauvet Pro Rogue R1 RGBW LED Wash gives you wow-your-fans effects, with 7 RGBW 15W LEDs and a unique bubble lens formation that renders colors accurately while producing absolutely stunning visuals. With an amazing 11- to 48-degree zoom angle and lightning-quick zoom/pan capability, both simple and complex DMX channel control, and both 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connectivity, the Chauvet Pro Rogue R1 RGBW LED Wash is a powerful, well-priced fixture that will take your light show to new heights.

Unique lens design and powerful focus/pan/tilt

The Rogue R1's lens features a "bubble" design over each of the seven RGBW light emitting diodes. The convex shape of the seven lens eyes, in conjunction with the motorized zoom functionality, lets the Rogue R1 achieve superb color blending and dramatic zoom effects. The Rogue R1 also offers a jaw-dropping 11- to 48-degree zoom angle to amaze your audiences, and the 540-/230-degree pan/tilt is extra-quick, so your macros or other DMX-controlled programming will have even greater visual impact.

Options for power and DMX control

Chauvet engineered the Rogue R1 with movement macros to get your show running efficiently, with minimal effort — and these are easily accessible through DMX control. There are 16 available macros that will spark your creativity with quick but powerful effects. There are also six discrete dimming modes for further lighting flexibility and mood options. You have multiple powering choices, too. The Rogue R1 accepts voltage from 100VAC to 240VAC, so you can even use it overseas, and power linking is no problem, either. You can link power for 10 units at 120V, 18 at 208V, and up to 21 units at 230V, greatly reducing the amount of power cabling and the number of receptacles needed.

Mounting flexibility

The Rogue R1 Wash is designed to be used at floor level or to be mounted overhead. For floor use, it has four rubber feet that provide a stable footing for the head's movement. But the Rogue R1 also features a built-in mounting surface on its underside, to which you can attach the optional Omega Bracket for truss or ceiling mounting (Chauvet always recommends the use of a safety cable when truss mounting).

Chauvet Pro Rogue R1 RGBW LED Wash Features:

  • Moving-head wash with 7 15W RGBW light emitting diodes for endless color options
  • Well-priced to fit just about any lighting budget
  • Unique bubble lens design for accurate color rendering/blending and stunning zoom visuals
  • 11- to 48-degree zoom angle enhances the impact of your programs
  • Super-fast 540-/230-degree pan/tilt functionality for more dramatic effects
  • Simple and complex DMX channel controls for anyone from the novice to the seasoned pro
  • 3-pin or 5-pin DMX connectivity options
  • 6 discrete dimming modes help you put out just the right vibes
  • 16 movement macros easily accessible through DMX control
  • Can be used on the floor or truss-mounted with optional Omega Bracket
  • Accepts power from 100V–240V AC
  • Save cabling; power link 10 units at 120V, 18 at 208V, and up to 21 units at 230V

Tech Specs

  • Type:Wash
  • DMX:3-pin XLR In/Out, 5-pin XLR In/Out
  • DMX Modes:14, 15, 19, or 21 Channels
  • LED:7 x 15W LED
  • LED Type:RGBW
  • Illuminance:3,098 lux @ 5m (11°), 299 lux @ 5m (48°)
  • Beam Angle:8° to 30°
  • Power Consumption:161W, 1.34A @ 120V, 60Hz
  • Power Supply:PowerCon AC In/Out
  • Height:13.94"
  • Width:10.43"
  • Depth:7.36"
  • Weight:13 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:ROGUER1WASH

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