Chauvet Pro Rogue R2X Spot 300W Moving Head w/ Gobos
$2,149.99 USD
Chauvet Pro Rogue R2X Spot 300W Moving Head w/ Gobos

Chauvet Pro Rogue R2X Spot 300W Moving Head w/ Gobos

$2,149.99 USD

A Stunning Range of Colors and Effects

The Chauvet Rogue R2X Spot's intense 300-watt LED and 16.5° beam angle produce an engaging array of powerful effects. Experience advanced light shaping via dual gobo wheels, while a pair of 7-slot color wheels supplies independent splits and scrolling. Create motion with the Rogue R2X Spot's 3-facet prism, while motorized focus, iris, and frost provide effortless beam control. You also get stunning 16-bit LED dimming for creating elegant fades. The Rogue R2X Spot is easy to operate, thanks to simple and complex DMX channel profiles. It's also RDM enabled for remote addressing and troubleshooting. The Rogue R2X Spot features sturdy Neutrik powerCON power connectors and daisy-chainable 3- and 5-pin DMX connections for easy setup.

Superior optics for professional performance

You rarely see an LED spot as powerful and effective as the Rogue R2X Spot, but as part of Chauvet's premium Rogue line, this intelligent lighting fixture delivers. Its powerful 300-watt LED blasts out 9,187 lumens (at 5m) yet still retains the heroic 50,000-hour life expectancy that makes a light like this pay for itself in the long run. The motorized focus, iris, and frost filter join the electronic dimming and shutter to provide smooth DMX control over every optical function.

Get creative with colors and gobos

If you're like the lighting techs at Sonido Live, then you probably have high expectations from a professional intelligent lighting fixture like the Rogue R2X Spot — and you won't be disappointed! Not only does this beast come loaded with two independent color wheels plus two metal gobo wheels, but it also offers creative ways to put them to use. Morph between spinning gobos, split colors, pulse, strobe, and scroll to add even more energy to the show. Top it off with a 3-facet prism, and you'll never run out of lighting ideas.

Perfect for music and theater

If you're running a music venue, then you couldn't ask for a better LED moving light. Fun movement macros, pulses, strobes, and all the gobo and color scrolling you need provide tons of energy. But what about live theater and other lighting applications? No problem! Chauvet equipped the Rogue R2X Spot with advanced features that theater professionals love. Three independent pan and tilt ranges ensure you get the precision control you need, while the move-in-black function with adjustable delays for pan/tilt, color wheels, and gobo wheels keep your show looking as professional as possible. The Rogue R2X Spot is also great for video work — thanks to its selectable PWM settings, you'll enjoy flicker-free operation on camera.

Chauvet Professional Rogue R2X Spot Features:

  • Professional-grade LED moving-head spot lighting fixture
  • 300-watt LED cuts through fog with 9,187 lumens at 5m output
  • Dual 7-slot color wheels provide independent splits and scrolling
  • Independent rotating and fixed gobo wheels offer advanced light shaping
  • Add motion to your effects with a 3-facet prism
  • 16-bit electronic dimmer lets you create beautiful fades
  • Fully motorized focus, iris, and frost filter onboard
  • Electronic shutter accommodates pulse and strobe effects
  • Movement macros make setting up motion effects easy
  • User-definable pan and tilt ranges provide precision positioning
  • Move-in-black feature available for movement, color wheels, and gobo wheels
  • Adjustable move-in-black delay available for each option
  • Daisy-chainable 3-/5-pin DMX and sturdy powerCON connections for easy setup
  • RDM enabled for remote addressing and troubleshooting
  • Selectable PWM settings to maintain flicker-free operation on camera
  • Switchable LED maximum output for matching legacy Rogue R2 Spots

Tech Specs

  • Type:Moving Head Spotlight
  • DMX:3-pin XLR In/Out, 5-pin XLR
  • DMX Modes:18, 21 Channels
  • LED:1 x 300W LED
  • LED Type:White
  • Illuminance:9,187 lux @ 5m
  • Beam Angle:16.5°
  • Power Consumption:517W, 4.31A @ 120V
  • Power Supply:Neutrik PowerCon AC In/Out
  • Height:19.25"
  • Width:16.1"
  • Depth:13.5"
  • Weight:47.8 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:ROGUER2XSPOT

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