D.A.S. RF-118 Subwoofer
$979.00 USD

D.A.S. RF-118 Subwoofer

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The RF-118 is a rear-loaded horn-bass subwoofer system designed to provide powerful bass reinforcement for the Reference series full-range cabinets. The Rf-118 bass system incorporates the 18LX low frequency transducer with a 4 ” voice coil and long excursion.

The cabinet is constructed from Birch plywood and is finished with a protective paint. The loudspeaker is protected by a perforated steel grille, sealed against corrosion using a powder coat finish. The RF-118 is designed for use in bi-amped systems with external amplification. A top located pole-mount socket permits mounting full-range systems above the RF-118 and two bar handles makes moving easy.

Product Features: 

- Horn-bass subwoofer system
- 18″ low frequency transducer
- Precise and powerful bass reproduction
- Top located pole mount socket


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