Furman M-8X AR AC Line Voltage Regulator with 9 Power Outlets
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Furman M-8X AR AC Line Voltage Regulator with 9 Power Outlets

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Regulate Voltage and Protect Your Gear

Make sure that your gear is protected from unreliable voltage levels, with the Furman M-8X AR voltage regulator. Plug it into any standard 15-amp power outlet, and the M-8X AR will wrangle voltages back to 120V (+/- 5V). Recording and live sound engineers at Sonido Live know that even though 120V is the standard in the USA, you'd be surprised at the varying voltages you'll encounter in different locations. When you're plugging thousands of dollars worth of gear into an unknown power supply, hedge your bets and protect your equipment with the Furman M-8X AR voltage regulator.

Furman M-8X AR Voltage Regulator at a Glance:
  • Provides stable 120V power
  • Protects against power surges too
  • Auto-shutdown in extreme situations
Provides stable 120V power

There are lots of reasons a wall outlet may not produce a stable 120V output, including brownouts, power cutbacks, substandard wiring, and other issues. Even with extremely variable power, the Furman M-8X AR will wrangle your power back into a safe range, ensuring your gear performs as it should.

Protects against power surges too

Regardless of the quality of the power you're drawing from, voltage spikes are always a potential problem when you're dealing with electronic equipment. Even one faulty switch or poor wiring can introduce power spikes in a system. The Furman M-8X AR uses beefy components to absorb even extreme voltage spikes, protecting your gear from potential damage.

Auto-shutdown in extreme situations

In the event of an extreme over-current situation, the Furman M-8X AR will automatically shut down its power outlets before damage can occur. Furman's special ECS circuit will differentiate between low-speed, low-current transients (which are acceptable) and high-speed, high-level transients (which can cause damage). It will rarely occur, if ever, but if your Furman M-8X AR automatically shuts down you can be confident that a lesser-quality unit would have been toast already.

Furman M-8X AR Voltage Regulator Features:
  • Maintains a consistent 120V output (+/- 5V)
  • Eight outlets on the back panel, one on the front
  • Output capacity 15 amps
  • Eight-tap toroidal autoformer
  • 10-LED bar-graph Input Voltage meter
  • Extreme overvoltage/undervoltage causes instant shutdown, protecting equipment
  • Extreme Voltage Shutdown indicator LED
  • Output In Regulation indicator
  • Low stray magnetic field leakage
The Furman M-8X AR could save your gear one day!

Tech Specs

  • Number of Outlets:9
  • Maximum Output Current:15A
  • Manufacturer Part Number:M-8X AR

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