Giardinelli GAS-10 Series Alto Saxophone by Eastman
$0.00 USD

Giardinelli GAS-10 Series Alto Saxophone by Eastman

$0.00 USD

Built in conjunction with Eastman, the Giardinelli by Eastman line of saxophones employ the latest in Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machinery, as well as traditional methods of woodwind manufacturing to ensure the highest quality instruments. The GAS10 has a vintage feel and key placement but offers a modern build quality and durability.

The Giardinelli by Eastman saxophone features a High F# key, as well as adjustable palm key risers, a handy feature allowing the player to boost the height of the palm keys for a better hand-playing position. The low C, B, and Bb keys feature two braces, helping these keys seal better over time. The horn also features Pisoni Pads, a Hand-Hammered and engraved bell, Hand-Engraved Neck, and Blue Steel Springs.


  • Vintage designs with modern precision manufacturing
  • High F# key and adjustable palm risers
  • Pisoni pads
  • Engraved bell
  • Neck strap, cork grease and case included

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