J. Winter CE 178 JW-Eastman Series Fiberglass Bass Trombone Case
$436.00 USD

J. Winter CE 178 JW-Eastman Series Fiberglass Bass Trombone Case

$436.00 USD

The JW-Eastman CE 178 S fiberglass case for bass trombone is a quality case that is both beautiful in design, but stable and safe as well. A plush velvet lining protects your favorite instrument and a special rubber seal keeps the elements outside. Rubber feet allow it to be stood on end or on its side. With a side handle, it can be carried like a suitcase. Padded straps also give you the option of carrying it like a backpack. The durable fiberglass shell is stylishly finished in a glossy sliver.


Outside Features
  • Material technology from fiberglass reinforced synthetics 
  • Surface with shiny finish 
  • Resistant, shock absorbing hard cover 
  • Water repellent and weather resistant through rubber case-edge seal 
  • 6 plated latches 
  • Comfortable non-slip leather handle 
  • Backpack system with carrying handle 
  • Bottom and side studs for a safe stance
Inside Features
  • Inside lining made from premium velvet 
  • Polystyrene insert instrument protection system for optimal protection 
  • Strong padding for additional protection 
  • Self-closing accessory pocket
  • Fiberglass shell
  • 5-6 nickel-plated latches
  • Backpack design
  • 2 padded straps
  • Special rubber seal
  • Premium velvet lining
  • Rubber side and end feet
  • Accessory pocket, self-closing
  • Fits 10.62" bell
  • High-gloss silver finish
  • 5.35 kg

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