J. Winter JW 870 Super Light Trumpet Case
$220.00 USD

J. Winter JW 870 Super Light Trumpet Case

$220.00 USD

The JW 870 model is a lightweight trumpet case that embodies quality as well as value. With backpack straps it is also particularly suited for students who transport their trumpet to and from school.


Outside Features
  • Material technology from wood and nylon 
  • Screw attached high quality replaceable nylon cover
  • Lightweight build to maximize low weight and optimized for easy-carry 
  • Two-way YKK® zipper locking system 
  • No-slip carrying handle and side handle 
  • Backpack system with 2 carrying straps 
  • Large, comfortable outside bag
Inside Features
  • Inside lining consists of high quality, eco-friendly cotton velvet 
  • Polystyrene insert instrument protection system for optimal protection 
  • Wide mute compartment and space for sheet music
  • Bolt set, replaceable nylon coating 
  • Velvet-covered insert for optimum protection 
  • Large accessory compartment and damper 
  • Standard side handle
  • 2 backpack straps 
  • Sturdy zipper 
  • Weights 2.2 kg 
  • Made in Germany

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