JBL SS3-BK Speaker Pole
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JBL SS3-BK Speaker Pole

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The SS3BK is a speaker-mounting pole intended for use with the JBL Professional SR4718X subwoofer. The SS3BK uses the SR4718X as a base for mid/high speakers having pole mount sockets designed to accept a 35mm pole. Future JBL Professional subwoofers may also accommodate the SS3BK – check the applicable Users Guide or product literature to be sure. No other applications for the SS3BK are supported.

When used properly the SS3BK and SR4718X combination provides a simple, convenient and stable system for elevating a mid/high speaker to achieve better coverage of an audience. The first step is to remove the plug from the receptacle in the top of the 4718. In use, the SS3BK is inserted into a tube that runs top to bottom inside the SR4718X. The SS3BK is 41” (1041mm) in length. Note that the SS3BK has a bump near each end. This bump is intended to rest on the lip of the pole mount socket on the subwoofer. Do not attempt to force this bump into the socket. Also note that the ends of the SS3BK are slightly crimped to prevent it from becoming jammed into the pole mount socket of the mid/high speaker system.

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