Ludwig Bronze Phonic Hammered Bronze Snare Drum 14 x 8 in.
$899.00 USD

Ludwig Bronze Phonic Hammered Bronze Snare Drum 14 x 8 in.

$899.00 USD

Bronze is one of the most beautifully musical metals on the planet—so much so that cymbal makers have been using it as their centerpiece for generations. Ludwig’s Bronze Phonic series combines this musicality with the classic attack and body that have made us the “Most Famous Name On Drums” for over 100 years.

Ludwig's USA made 1.2 mm seamless bronze shell offers a unique blend of the wood and metal tones that always quickly find their own space in any mix or setting. Long favored by legends like Alan White, who’s relied on his for over 20 years, the Bronze Phonic series is a must have for any serious snare collection.


  • 1.2 mm seamless bronze shell
  • 2.3 mm steel triple flanged hoops
  • P84 throw-off
  • P35 butt-plate
  • Ludwig Weather Master medium coated head
  • Ludwig Weather Master clear snare side head
  • 10 lugs
  • Snare size: 14x8"
  • Total pieces: 1
  • Case or Bag: Not Applicable
  • Stand: Not Applicable
  • Shell material: Bronze
  • Shell construction: Seamless
  • Shell thickness (mm): 1.2
  • Bearing edge: Not specified
  • Reinforcement ring: No
  • Hardware material: Steel
  • Hoop type: Triple-flange
  • Lugs: Imperial
  • Throw-off: Patented
  • Internal muffler: No
  • Snares: Steel Carbon
  • Heads: Branded
  • Finish type: Lacquer
  • Country of origin: United States

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