Magix Video Sound Cleaning Lab
$49.99 USD

Magix Video Sound Cleaning Lab

$49.99 USD

Optimize vocals and melodies to create audio that will affect your viewers. Select from a huge range of options for optimizing video sound with the Auto Cleaning feature. Unwanted audio sections can be easily isolated or removed completely in Video Sound Cleaning Lab. Additional sound effects and audio commentary will make your favorite videos stand out from the crowd. 

The program supports all standard audio formats from camcorders, cameras, smartphones and action cams. Sound optimization Includes precision tools, powerful presets and a wide range of effects for enhancing the audio tracks in your videos. Export & Complete Export the finished video or just the audio track in any format. You can transfer directly to your video editing software. The most important features: Remove annoying noise e.g. wind & electrical interference Choose from over 150 presets with practical preview feature Use the practical preview feature to view your changes Adjust volume & reduce clipping to get the right balance Automatically correct music & speech recordings Audio editing on 2 tracks for dialog optimization Automatic and advanced editing effects Touch screen operation The perfect complement to video editing programs 

Experience a faster import process
You can import video sound up to ten times faster to Video Sound Cleaning Lab than the previous version. 4K and HD support Developed to ensure the highest quality on both acoustic and visual levels. The design includes display support for even high-resolution 4K & HD monitors. Intelligent search feature Use the search feature to help you find the exact template, help text or effect you need. 

Preview monitor 
The preview monitor is the ideal tool for checking and perfecting sound and image synchronization. Easy-to-use controls Make individual sections for either tracks, effects or visual analysis more prominent using shortcuts. This lets you focus on a specific section even when working with smaller monitors. F5 maximizes the upper section of the screen for audio objects F6 maximizes the effects section below F7 brings the info area to the foreground 

Video Sound Optimizer 
The Video Sound Optimizer helps you find the perfect sound for music or speech in your footage in no time. Stop the wind with the click of a button With the help of presets, removing wind noise from recordings and adjusting intensity is easy. Get rid of sibilants The DeEsser feature gives human speech a pleasant presence and warm sound by removing sharp hissing and sibilants. Automatic sound optimization Start the Auto Cleaning feature for an automatic analysis of your audio material and then adjust effect settings manually. 

Visualization of the audio signal lets you easily identity problems with the frequencies or volume. Touch-optimized control The new user interface includes numerous touch elements that make editing more simplified than ever before. Practical preview feature Thanks to the handy preview feature you can check which effects are best for dealing with sound issues.

Windows 7,8,10,Vista

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