Midas DL351
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Midas DL351

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Configure Your Ultimate Digital Mixing System

The MIDAS DL351 is a 7U 19" rack unit that gives you a maximum of 64 audio inputs and 64 audio outputs. Compatible with MIDAS XL8 and PRO Series of digital mixing consoles, the DL351 has a user-configurable card format with a capacity of up to 8 cards, making it easy to configure your system for any application. Midi in, out and thru, as well as GPIO connections are standard. Digital audio interface is via four AES50 ports - one of which may be configured as a spare redundant connection. Configure your ultimate digital mixing system, with the MIDAS DL351.

Enjoy amazing configuration flexibility

You can use the MIDAS DL351 with MIDAS XL8 and PRO Series of digital mixing systems, or as a stand-alone AES50 audio interface in a MIDAS snake and audio distribution system with remote control via Ethernet. Up to eight optional cards may be fitted, giving you any combination of eight analog mic/line in, eight analog out (XLR), eight analog TRS line level in and out, eight digital in and out (four AES/EBU pairs) or a 25 pin D-sub card with eight analog mic/line inputs and eight outputs.

MIDAS DL351 Modular I/O Unit Features at a Glance:
  • Maximum of 64 audio inputs, 64 audio outputs
  • Midi in, out and thru; GPIO
  • Digital snake and distribution network component with redundant connections
  • Ethernet control port
  • 7U rack mountable
  • Dual redundant power supplies standard
  • Five card options give you amazing flexibility

Get amazing flexibility with the MIDAS DL351!

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