Midas PRO2 - Install Pack
$19,380.00 USD

Midas PRO2 - Install Pack

$19,380.00 USD
$22,380.00 USD


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A Truly Innovative Digital Console

The MIDAS PRO2 digital mixer gives you fabulous live sound, with a fast and streamlined workflow. The PRO2's intuitive interface is all about keeping it simple. Rather than the confusing paging and layering concepts employed by many digital boards, the PRO2's intuitive interface is centered around colors and groups. Compact and roadworthy, the PRO2 packs a punch. It has eight mic/line inputs onboard, and ships with the DL251 remote stage-box, which sports another 48. You can also expand your system to cover the largest of shows. Step up to a truly innovative digital console: the MIDAS PRO2.

MIDAS PRO2 Digital Mixer at a Glance:

  • This board sounds amazing
  • Delay management - and why you need it
  • Your investment is protected

This board sounds amazing

MIDAS's reputation for superb audio quality is the result of over 40 years of development and research. The company has endowed the PRO2 with top-shelf components and technology developed from their class-leading XL8 board. The PRO2 boasts 96kHz 40-bit floating-point processing throughout. Its 27 mix buses are time-aligned and phase-coherent. But impressive specs only begin to tell the story of what this board sounds like: amazing!

Delay management - and why you need it

The PRO2 employs MIDAS's proprietary delay management technology. OK, so why is that a good thing? Digital processing takes time to run - usually just a few samples, but never none. ADCs and DACs have much larger delays (typically a few milliseconds), so if you've used analog insert points, the channel in question will be delayed relative to the others. The problem is, combining signals in this way can lead to the summing of signals that are partially out-of-phase, causing nasty comb filtering. All MIDAS digital mixers feature soup-to-nuts automatic time alignment to correct path-related delays, plus automatic compensation for the additional latency introduced by A/D conversion on analog inserts. The result? Better sound.

Your investment is protected

The MIDAS PRO2 gives you everything you need to mix a live show with no sweat. This self-contained console has eight onboard mic/line inputs, and the MIDAS DL251 remote stage-box included with your PR02 system has 48 MIDAS mic/line inputs, for a total of 56 inputs. The DL251 also has 16 analog XLR outputs and includes dual power supplies standard. The DL251 can be located up to 300' from your PRO2, connected with inexpensive and readily available Cat 5e cable. You can also add additional optional I/O units to your system, to a maximum of 156 inputs x 166 outputs - enough to handle ginormous shows. Bottom line, your investment is protected. MIDAS wouldn't have it any other way.

MIDAS PRO2 Digital Mixer Features:

  • Self-contained digital console; may be used without external hardware
  • 56 mic/line inputs with MIDAS mic preamps (8 onboard, 48 on included stagebox)
  • 64 simultaneous input processing channels
  • 32 analog outputs (including 2 stereo local monitor outputs)
  • 2 AES3 inputs, 3 AES3 outputs
  • 27 sample-synchronous, phase-coherent mix buses
  • 6 multi-channel FX engines
  • 4-band parametric EQ on each input channel
  • Up to 28 instances of the KLARK TEKNIK DN370 31-band Graphic EQ
  • Full-color 15" daylight-viewable display screen
  • 8 VCA (Variable Control Association) groups
  • 6 POPulation groups
  • 192 MCA (Mix Control Association) groups
  • 96kHz 40-bit floating-point processing throughout
  • Includes Stage I/O: DL251 48 in/16 out fixed configuration
  • Expandable with optional external hardware I/O units (max capacity: 156 inputs x 166 outputs)

Hit the road with a truly innovative digital console: the MIDAS PRO2!

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