MIPRO MES-100 WebMote Bridge
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MIPRO MES-100 WebMote Bridge

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The MIPRO ACT-BUS interface allows for remote monitoring of ACT 8-series receivers and MI-909T/R In-Ear-Monitors and can now be connected to the newly developed MIPRO MES-100 bridge server, providing remote monitoring and control using any internet browser.

The MIPRO MES-100 supports web-based monitoring and remote control for smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops over a variety of operating systems, such as Windows, iOS, Android or Linux, etc. without the need for special software to remotely monitor and control all parameters. The MES-100 provides a solution for the incompatibility issues between the operating systems and monitoring software.

To remotely monitor and control all parameters of MIPRO wireless microphone systems, simply connect the MES-100 bridge server to the Ethernet switch hub. Users do not need to install any software and can directly use a browser (IE/Chrome/Firefox) in any operating system (Windows/iOs/Android) to link to the WebMote page via RJ-45 network cable, wireless LAN card or Wi-Fi.

  • To Improve the Transmission Efficiency of ACT-BUS: Since Ethernet cable provides a 100 Mbps data transfer rate, nearly 1,000 times faster than the ACT-BUS of 110 Kbps, the MES-100 uses four RJ-11 Ethernet interfaces to split the high-speed bandwidth to improve the speed of ACT-BUS devices. In the past, one RJ-11bandwidth of 110 Kbps had to be shared by 64 devices. Now, because the MES-100 provides four parallel RJ-11 ACT-BUS interfaces, the bandwidth is shared by only 16 devices and data transmission efficiency improves dramatically.
  • WebMote Interface, Software Installation is Not Required: WebMote (Web Remote Control Interface) is an interface provided by the MES-100 bridge server for remote monitoring. The interface shows a variety of MIPRO systems to choose from: Simply click on the appropriate receiver and the MES-100 will search the device connected to the RJ-11 socket and then lock onto its panel, allowing the user to monitor the status or change the parameters on the monitoring page. The WebMote monitoring page is written in HTML5. Since browsers today can be compatible with any operating system, the user is able to connect to WebMote through the web to monitor any MIPRO products which are connected to the MES-100. In addition, since the WebMote monitoring page exists in the MES-100 bridge server, users don’t have to pre-install any software, no matter whether they are using smart phones, tablets or computers. Internet accessibility is the only requirement.
  • Wirelessly Remote Control via Wi-Fi: In addition to wired access, the MES-100 provides Ethernet, which can be connected to the switch hub as a wireless base station, thus allowing the users to wirelessly access the device through Wi-Fi.

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