MIPRO MPC-100 Power Supply Garnering Case
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MIPRO MPC-100 Power Supply Garnering Case

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One MPC-100 can house up to 5 MIPRO standard PSU to provide power to 4 receivers and one antenna divider. This is a perfect solution for a 6U road case where you can install up to 16 channels of wireless systems. To install, use the power supply cover and screws provided to screw up each power supply in the case and connect the distributed AC power cord inside the garnering case to each power supply. Then connect the AC input socket on the rear panel with an AC power cord to the AC outlet. Then you will see all power indicators on the system light up, indicating all power connections are normal.
The MPC-100 is an ideal garnering case for PSU. Its main function is fixing the PSU of the receivers and antenna divider tightly and neatly into the garnering case, thereby saving engineers from a complicated power installation. When in use, simply plug the single AC cord into a wall outlet. The MPC-100 uses an EIA standard 1U metal case where the front panel has a power indicator and the rear panel has one AC input socket and 5 DC output jacks. In addition, there is a bracket that holds 5 PSU and screws are provided to attach the bracket to the bottom of the garnering case.

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