MIPRO MU-20 ECM Capsule Modules
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MIPRO MU-20 ECM Capsule Modules

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The MU-20 / MU-16 / MU-10 condenser capsules modules are three diameter capsules encapsulated in the copper grille housings which have the same mount for assembling on the microphone. They offer optimal flexibility for performers and instruments.

  • The MU-10 / MU-16 / MU-20 detachable capsule modules are compatible with the SM-24 / SM-32 saxophone & wind instrument microphones and ST Series / ET Series transmitters to suit various wind instruments or erhu. 
  • The three capsule modules are newly developed ECM capsule modules featuring full-range superb directionality, wide frequency response, high dynamic range, rapid transient response and low feedback characteristics.

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