Mojotone DW Tomahawk F-Spaced Humbucker Pickup Set
$239.95 USD

Mojotone DW Tomahawk F-Spaced Humbucker Pickup Set

$239.95 USD

Guitarist Dustie Waring of the NC based progressive metal band Between The Buried And Me worked closely with Mojotone to create his extremely versatile signature pickup, the 'DW Tomahawk'. Dustie knows that heavier music has plenty of delicacy and requires a pickup that can aid the guitarist in achieving this. Mojotone use a custom blend of Ceramic and Alnico magnets along with their special winding technique to give the 'DW Tomahawk' the power and big bottom end of a high output humbucker while breathing with the clarity and articulation of a vintage humbucker. 

The 'DW Tomahawk' is a one of a kind, passive, high output humbucker, designed to have more clarity without muddying up or compressing your sound like most other high output pickups. This is a fresh new take on high output humbuckers that won't leave you disappointed or uninspired.

Product details
(Set of 2) DW Tomahawk neck and bridge humbuckers. F-Spaced bridge position
Satin Black Covers
4 Conductor Leads
Handmade in the USA

-Neck: 7.6k
-Bridge: 16.5k


  • Hybrid magnet design utilizing a blend of Alnico and Ceramic for more dynamics and clarity
  • High output bridge position without the mid hump or compression of a typical high output passive humbucker
  • Clear neck position with lots of articulation and warmth for cutting lead tones and smooth clean tones.
  • Full and powerful coil tapped tones
  • Extremely good string separation for chords and leads

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