Odyssey FZDJ19W Flight Zone 19" Mixer Turntable DJ Coffin Case
$299.99 USD

Odyssey FZDJ19W Flight Zone 19" Mixer Turntable DJ Coffin Case

$299.99 USD


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Odyssey Innovative Designs FZDJ19WDLX Overview

The Odyssey Innovative Design FZDJ19W Flight Zone 19" Mixer Turntable DJ Coffin Case (Black) is a hard case made of ABS plastic laminate over 3/8" plywood, designed to ship, carry and protect DJ equipment. The case has three gear wells that will hold two turntables in standard position and one 19" mixer. The case has steel hardware and chrome-plated butterfly latches. It has steel corners, aluminum edging and rubber feet. The case is transported by recessed, spring-loaded handles and two built-in polyurethane wheels.

  • ABS plastic laminate over 3/8" plywood 
  • Padded turntable wells
  • Heavy-duty, recessed, chrome-plated butterfly latches
  • Stackable steel, ball corner
  • Aluminum edging
  • Rubber feet to prevent skidding
  • The wells will hold two 1200 style turntables and one 19" mixer
  • Cabling is clean and easy through convenient access ports throughout
  • Heavy-duty, chrome-plated butterfly latches
Carrying Options
  • Recessed, spring-loaded, chrome-plated handles
  • Two built-in polyurethane wheels

Odyssey Innovative Designs FZDJ19WDLX Specs

Material Exterior: ABS laminated over 3/8" plywood 
Interior: Padded turntable wells
Type of Closure Recessed chrome-plated butterfly latches
Exterior Dimensions 61 x 10 x 17.5" (154.9 x 25.4 x 44.45cm) (WxHxD)
Interior Dimensions Turntable wells: 18 x 3.375 x 14.375" (45.72 x 8.57 x 36.5cm) (WxHxD) 
Storage slots: 8.25 x 4.25 x 1.625" (20.96 x 10.8 x 4.13cm) (WxDxH)
Carrying/Transport Options Recessed handles 
Built-in wheels
Weight 44 lbs (19.96kg)

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