On-Stage Stands ASWS58B5 Windscreen 5-pack - Black
$6.45 USD

On-Stage Stands ASWS58B5 Windscreen 5-pack - Black

Spare Foam Windscreens from On-Stage Stands

Refresh your handheld microphones with new windscreens. This ASWS58B5 pack from On-Stage Stands includes five black foam windscreens that are compatible with most handheld vocal microphones. Made from flexible foam, these windscreens fit a wide range of vocal mics. They're super handy if you gig out - in fact, many of the performers here at Sonido Live keep a pack of these windscreens in their gig bags just in case. And if your own microphones get a lot of use, you'll want to have a spare windscreens like the ones in this ASWS58B5 pack on hand.

On-Stage Stands ASWS58B5 Foam Windscreen 5-pack Features:

  • A 5-pack of foam windscreens
  • Fits most standard handheld vocal microphones
  • Pliable foam blocks pops and breath

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