RCF MB8N251 8" Neodymium Mid-Bass
$200.35 USD

RCF MB8N251 8" Neodymium Mid-Bass

$200.35 USD

The MB8N251 is a 8” neodymium mid-bass driver with an excellent linearity, good efficiency and high power handling capabilities. The 2,5” aluminium voice coil combined with a high strength fibreglass former allows high efficiency and good
frequency response extension. Aluminium basket and magnetic assembly design provide an excellent heat
dissipation and very low power compression. The M-roll surround shape combined to spider design offer good linear displacement and precise low frequency reproduction.
  • 2.5-inch , fibreglass former, aluminum voice coil
  • 600 Watt continuous program power handling
  • 96 dB Sensitivity
  • 60 Hz - 3.5kHz Frequency range
  • Forced air ventilation
  • M-roll surround and exponential cone geometry

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