RCF ND640 1.4" 90W rms, 180W program. 110 dB, 700-20KHz
$144.18 USD

RCF ND640 1.4" 90W rms, 180W program. 110 dB, 700-20KHz

$144.18 USD

The ND640 is a high performance 2.5-inch diaphragm compression driver with a 1.4 inch exit throat featuring the smallest size of the art technology.

The diaphragm are precision completely formed from pure titanium. Voice coil assembly is designed using high temperature kapton former and it is joined to the diaphragm by RCF proprietary Direct Drive kapton technology. Diaphragm suspension is designed by extensive FEM study for low distortion and low frequency range


Perfect driver for professional high performance applications, from high power 2-way systems to multiple-way long throw systems and medium to large format line arrays.
Very compact size and easy to crossover, offer the clarity of the 1" and the efficiency and power handling of a large format compression driver.
Very good linearity and efficiency in combination with RCF HF series horns.

Main Features:

  • 2.5-inch Diaphragm, 1.4-inch Exit Throat / Pure Titanium Compression Driver
  • 180W continuous program power handling
  • Frequency range: 700Hz - 20kHz
  • 3-slot optimized geometry phase plug
  • Titanium diaphragm
  • Copper inductance ring for extended response
  • Vented, damped, low distortion suspension system
  • Neodymium magnet assembly

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