Rob Papen RP-Delay Plug-In Software Download
$49.00 USD

Rob Papen RP-Delay Plug-In Software Download

$49.00 USD

RP-Delay is a unique delay that is heavily focused on some very special features, including brand new FX routing!

For instance, the sound reverser can reverse the input, while simultaneously reversing one of the delay lines. The reverse sound can also be triggered with your keyboard, generating totally new sounds, and sending them into the reverser with its own filter and distortion!

You can have 6 delay lines with 8 active multi-mode filters all operating at once in each of several delay models. Of course, we included basic delay models like a simple mono delay and a stereo delay, but also a tape-sound delay that allows you to change tape length without any clicks. The delays, filters, and reverser can all be adjusted with the built-in modulators. There are 4 modulation sequencers, 4 LFO's, and 4 envelopes, complete with several trigger options!

There are many other new features and options for you to discover which aren't mentioned here, so go ahead, take the plunge, and dig into the brand new experience of RP-Delay.


6 delay lines grouped in two sets (a/b/c for both delay 1 & 2).
Delays can be routed in a number of ways to create various distinct delay.
models: mono, stereo, dual stereo, channel split, split multi, serial multi, parallel multi, full serial and reverse.
Each set of delays has a tape mode, simulating the analog tape delay effect.
The delays each have a number of controls: delay time/length, sync to host, multi-mode filter, distortion effect and more.
Reverser module for both delays allows you to reverse the sound at any stage of the signal flow.
Up to 4 triggers can have a MIDI CC control assigned for triggering events.
Audio follower for processing input volume as a modulation source.
Four envelopes and four LFOs can be used to modulate controls.
Includes various triggering options.
LFOs have a humanization parameter that lets the LFO speed change randomly over time.
8 individual modulators.
4 sequencers with 16-step interface. Sequencer includes copy/paste and file management options so you can easily reuse sequencer settings.
5 banks of presets - both as insert and send, ranging from simple delay effects to more crazy effects.

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