Rob Papen RP-VERB 2 and RP-Delay
$149.00 USD

Rob Papen RP-VERB 2 and RP-Delay

$149.00 USD

The dense and warm sound of the original RP-VERB quickly became a favorite of producers around the globe, making it a legendary, go-to reverb for many. RP-VERB 2 builds on the success of the original and adds an all-new feature call the Reverser, allowing you to reverse the reverb sound in a very creative way. It can be tempo based and controlled easily, and is awesome for creating some unique fresh sounds.

RP has also added even more inside RP-VERB 2 for controlling and changing the sound. There is an ‘Envelope Follower, ‘Envelope’, ‘LFO’ and a ‘Mod matrix’ to control the parameters. Last but not least there is the ‘Distortion’ module inside RP-VERB 2 featuring several useful algorithms. You will be stunned at what an amazing influence this can have on the reverb sound and not only for drum and percussion sounds!


  • RPCX Algorithm reverb
  • New Reverser feature
  • Special Envelope for 'Gated Reverb'
  • LFO with tempo sync
  • Mod Matrix with three possible sources

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