Seymour Duncan Antiquity for Tele Bridge
$105.00 USD

Seymour Duncan Antiquity for Tele Bridge

$105.00 USD

The Seymour Duncan Antiquity for Tele re-creates the beauty of an early '50s lead pickup Tele. Using vintage techniques, each pickup is hand-fabricated and scatter-wound. All parts of the pickup are aged and given the look of a pickup played for 40 years.

Like the originals, the ferrous bottom plates are not wax-potted for that "breakin'-up Tele twang tone" that's just on the verge of feedback. The pickups are Dun-Aged and come with mounting hardware, schematics, and tons of tone. The hookup wire is the classic "p back" cloth braid wire.

To some, this is craziness, intentionally creating an aged electrical component. But if you're like Seymour Duncan, and you appreciate the personal commitment and hand craftsmanship found in early electric guitars, then you'll want to capture that timeless beauty with an Antiquity pickup.


top pickup length: 2.870"
top pickup width: .770"
bottom pickup length: 2.885"
bottom pickup width: 1.510"
total pickup height: .978"
total magnet height: .625"
winding direction: top going
magnet polarity: south
calibrated: yes
pickup cover length: none
pickup cover width: none
pickup cover height: none
height adjustment: 6/32 round head, slotted
magnet pattern: all flush with top & bottom of pickup
DC Ohms: 6.4K
Inductance: 2.1 henries
Q: 2.05

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