Seymour Duncan STK-S6 Custom Stack Plus
$85.00 USD

Seymour Duncan STK-S6 Custom Stack Plus

$85.00 USD

The Seymour Duncan STK-S6 Custom Stack Plus Guitar Pickup features a patented Stack Plus design with a voice familiar to the SSL-5 Custom. It is recommended for blues, rock, pop, and classic rock. 

The STK-S6R has a revolutionary design that injects tunable negative hum into the pickup circuit. Each stacked humbucker pickup is individually factory pre-tuned to offer the optimal traditional single coil sound with no hum.

Use this Seymour Duncan pickup in the bridge position with a Duncan Classic Stack Plus middle and a Duncan Vintage Hot Stack Plus neck for a punched up Strat tone, or in the neck with a Duncan Hot Stack Plus bridge for the ultimate rock Strat. This Seymour Duncan pickup is ideal for all well-balanced instruments. Works equally well for guitars with maple or rosewood fingerboards.

A three-conductor cable allows splitting for true single-coil mode. When three Stack Plus guitar pickups are all split, the middle pickup is reverse wound/reverse polarity, allowing hum-cancellation when used with the neck or bridge pickup.


Medium output stacked humbucker
Individually factory pre-tuned to remove hum
Three-conductor cable allows splitting
Model:  STK-S6
Category: Strat single-coil-sized
Type: Hum-cancelling
Output: Moderate
EQ (Bass/Middle/Treble): 7/4/5
DC Resistance: 14.54k ohms
Resonant Peak: 4.85 KHz
Magnet: Alnico V rods
Cable: 3-conductor shielded

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