Softube Effect Bundle
$199.99 USD

Softube Effect Bundle

$199.99 USD

The Effect Bundle consists of three top Softube effects plug-ins including Spring Reverb, Tube Delay and Acoustic Feedback. Each one of these effects adds their own very unique sound to any mix, making this the perfect trio to package together. Use them with care to just spice things up - or go all the way and drench your mix with these cool sounds.

Spring Reverb - this effect goes way beyond guitar amplifiers. Use it for a lead vocal, a snare drum, percussion - or whatever comes to mind. It will give you a sound like nothing else.

Tube Delay - a wonderfully filthy delay with no less than three different tube stages. Run it hot for a nice crunch that melts into any mix, or cool for a clear and nice echo effect.

Acoustic Feedback - you can't get amplifier feedback with simulated guitar amps, so we made Acoustic Feedback to solve this issue. But you shouldn't limit yourself to just using it on guitar - try inputting a synthesizer, a violin, or even your mother's grand piano.


  • Spring Reverb
  • Tube Delay
  • Acoustic Feedback

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