Stanton T.62 M2 Direct-Drive Turntable
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Stanton T.62 M2 Direct-Drive Turntable

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The T.62 M2 Direct-Drive Turntable from Stanton is an easy-to-operate, direct-drive turntable suitable for DJs of any style or experience level. The straight tone arm provides improved tracking capability for scratch DJs. The turntable comes with a Stanton 300 Cartridge pre-mounted on the headshell.

The Deckadance 2 software's ability to be run as either a standalone application or within your favorite host application (such as a DAW with VST support) allows for flexible configurations. It can also run VST-compliant effects and/or soft synths and can be used to control your performances with MIDI controllers, time-coded vinyls, and CD systems.


  • Two Playback speeds (33 or 45 rpm)
  • Two Start/Stop switches for Mix or Battle Setup
  • Manual Pitch Control Fader (±10% adjustment)
  • RCA stereo outputs
  • Accessories include RCA cables, slip mat, and dust cover
  • Full version of Deckadance DVS software included

Deckadance 2 Software

  • Number of Decks: 2 or 4 decks along with horizontal-layout views, featuring miniature decks on the left and horizontally stacked, zoomable waveforms across the screen
  • SmartKnobs: Link a single knob to any number of FX and mixer interface targets under user-programmable envelope control
  • GrossBeats: Trigger tempo-perfect scratch, stutter, and glitch effects
  • Custom Buttons: 8 user-programmable buttons per deck with an integrated editor

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