Superlux CM-H8B Large Diaphragm True Condenser Microphone
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Superlux CM-H8B Large Diaphragm True Condenser Microphone

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The CM-H8B is a true large 1" diaphragm Cardioid studio condenser microphone with an external bass roll-off switch and switchable 10 dB attenuator. This microphone is ideal for studio recording, broadcast and live sound applications. It provides the user with excellent features including high sensitivity, wide bandwidth, precision sound at very low distortion, a large dynamic range, and low noise. An excellent 142 dB SPL makes this microphone ideal for extremely high sound pressure level sound reproduction and recording.

  • Large 1" diameter ultra thin 3 µm membrane gold evaporated capsule
  • Low noise transformer circuitry
  • External low frequency roll-off switch and 10dB attenuator switch
  • Flat, wide frequency response
  • Supplied with HM-8 swivel adaptor mount
  • CM-H8B microphone Packaged in a sturdy plastic carry case
  • Optional accessory: HM-7 elastic suspension shock mount

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