Tascam DP-03DVD DVD Tutorial Disc For DP-03
$32.99 USD

Tascam DP-03DVD DVD Tutorial Disc For DP-03

$32.99 USD

Designed as more than just a complete operational guide to the TASCAM DP-03 (sold separately), this DVD Tutorial also includes instruction on basic recording techniques for musicians just getting starting.

As powerful and easy-to-use as it is, there are still many functions on the DP-03 that may be difficult for beginners to learn. This tutorial DVD walks you through an entire recording session. From microphone setup to implementing reverb and EQ for shaping your mix, Host David Wills (Michael Jacksom/Phil Collins) brings you all the tips you'll need to get the most out of your DP-03.

From basic recording to advanced subjects like drum loop importing, to USB transfers, CD burning, and more, it's a must-have companion for you and your DP-03.

Pick up this DVD Tutorial today and take your DP-03 and recording skills on up to the next level.

TASCAM DP-03 DVD Tutorial Contents:
    • Welcome
    • Features
    • Front Panel Overview
    • Connections
    • Playing the Demo Song
    • Formatting the SD Card
    • What is Multitracking?
    • Creating a Song
    • Assigning Inputs
    • Setting Levels
    • Recording an Acoustic Guitar
    • Overdubbing
    • Overdubbing a Bass Guitar
    • Overdubbing a Vocal
    • Playback and Mixing
    • Punch Ins
    • Perform a Punch
    • Locate Points
    • Repeat Function
    • Bouncing
    • Editing Overview
    • Edit Types
    • Seting In and Out Points
    • Setting To point
    • Undo/History
    • Mixing Overiew
    • Mute function
    • EQ
    • Loop effect
    • Effect sends
    • Mixing down your Song
    • Mastering
    • Exporting Tracks
    • Connecting a Computer
    • Importing Tracks
    • Burning CDs
    • Backing up
    • Additional Screens/Functions

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